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Journal distantbody's Journal: New Open-Source Train Simulator openBVE goes v1.0

The free and open source 3d train simulator, openBVE, has just turned the big v1.0.

openBVE was born in April 2008 as a replacement to the popular freeware programs BVE Trainsim 2 & 4. The lack of compatibility between BVE Trainsim 2 & 4 and the developmental uncertainty of the 5th version (originally named Boso View Express by the sole Japanese developer Mackoy) lead one resolute user to start openBVE.

Michelle has made great progress with her new code, and whilst the current installation procedure and basic 'getting started' instructions are rough, her communication on the openBVE forum and her great developer documentation all indicate openBVE will continue to get better.

(Link to openBVE website omitted due to already unreliable servers)(P.S. Michelle has not licensed her work under a specific OSS license, but rather uses the phrase "anti-copyright"
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New Open-Source Train Simulator openBVE goes v1.0

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