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Journal pecosdave's Journal: I'm looking at my last three mod - downs

I think I annoyed a fan boy with each! Mods are such morons. Don't they know they're supposed to mod based on the intelligence/relevance of what what's being said, not if they agree or not? Seriously, I'm nowhere near pro-Microsoft, but I've modded quite a few pro-Microsoft posts up because what the person said sounded intelligent, relevant, or even in the case of a couple that made fun of FOSS in a way that was actually funny, and not just inflammatory I've modded them up even if I disagreed with what they said.

Lets review the ones I'm talking about:

emacs is a pretty good operating system but it lacks a decent text editor Redundant. Granted, if someone else had already said it this go around I would agree, but they didn't. I just annoyed a fan boy.

Here's one where I obviously ticked off an Apple fan boy for suggesting Apple sell Mac OS X to try to gain market leverage. I like OS X, I'm not an outright Apple Fanboy, but I have an iPhone and I'm typing this on a Mac now - I still use KDE and Linux quite extensively, but seriously, Apple fan boys are the worst when it comes to sand issues.

Here's the most glaring abuse of mod powers. Overrated. Is there any doubt that Intel Graphics suck? Especially something that gathers replies. If I get replies that aren't pure anti-troll flames, I think that deserves an up instead of a down.

Oh well, morons. Spleen vented for now.
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I'm looking at my last three mod - downs

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