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Journal malevolentjelly's Journal: Wow, I've done it this time!



Check that out! My last thread got taken down by angry user mods like some sort of mob hit. I mentioned Moonlight as an opensource solution to flash and the jackass brigade showed up with pails of water to douse the flames. I will maintain that before any other facet of technology or software, slashdot is above-all anti-microsoft. I am trying to break myself of the habit of coming here and just going straight to ars technica for my news.

I love how the moderation system here basically exists to make sure that any voice that disagrees with the general masses will be silenced and buried as quickly as possible. That's why every year slashdot gets excited about the glorious victory of the linux desktop and then gets really confused to see themselves still below 1% desktop market share. I've never liked this sort of self-glorifying and self-declared victory mentality, it completely sweeps the amount of work and effort necessary to make good and usable software under the rug. In terms of recent successes and failures within the same open source realm:

The Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a fantastic example of solid design and usability coming from an open source vendor... although the product was entirely commercial.

KDE 4.x in general is the worst piece of software design I've ever seen declared "release" quality. It's no wonder KDE has been abandoned wholesale for Gnome by commercial linux vendors... and yet I'd like to say that QT 4.x is fantastic. Absolutely wonderful work, and I am thoroughly pleased that it is now LGPL. Let's see if someone doesn't come up with a better QT based desktop soon. :)

Well, I better be careful not to say the wrong thing or else I might upset the hive and lose ALL my internet cred. It's been my life's devotion to be taken seriously on the internet, so I hope that I don't lose it all now. :(


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Wow, I've done it this time!

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