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Journal Baloo Ursidae's Journal: Death and Stupidity 7

So everybody's still torn up over Furp's death. I have to wonder about the people who claim to care for Furp, though, for thinking that his death is somehow a shock and surprise. What do we know about him?
  • He lived in southern California. Drivers in this region are unsafe at any speed, anybody who has to use roads in this region are fairly likely to be killed at random by some other asshole not paying attention.
  • He got around by motorcycle. Now, given that we are talking about southern California, home of the world's dumbest drivers (as KTLA's tape archive can attest to), we know that THIS is a safe way to go!

If you knew Furp personally, wouldn't it be in your personal benefit to make sure you got closure every time you saw him, on the assumption that you would very likely never see him again? Failing that, beg him to give up motorcycles or Southern California given that it's such a bad combination? If you care about someone, you try to prevent them from doing things that are going to cause them to get hurt or killed in short order. Nobody did that here. I have a real hard time believing a lot of this love for Furp is sincere as a result.

Especially given the harsh reaction on #techfurs when the topic came up. Probably lost some distant friends over it, but oh well... if they're going to act like this over someone they clearly didn't care enough about to stop, what's to say they give much of a shit about anybody else?

Bent out of shape Furp's dead? Ask yourself this: Did you ever suggest moving to another area or give up riding to save his life?

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Death and Stupidity

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  • I was going to make this point to a few other furs, but the grieving members of the fandom happened to include admins at that particular forum, and grief is not conducive to logical thinking, so I decided to keep my mouth shut. I didn't think this was something worth burning bridges over.

    Of course, I'm going through my own form of loss with respect to a risk-taking person doing something less-than-intelligent and making everyone suffer because of it, so I kinda understand both sides of the argument. :-/

    • Oh, I totally get both sides of the argument. I already explained where I take a departure on that, though. I'm very much of the Boy Scout mindset of "Expect The Best, Be Prepared For The Worst." A lot of conversations regarding loss or missing out for a forseeable circumstance with me end along those same lines: "Did you think it might happen? What did you do to prepare for it?"
  • by Khyber ( 864651 )

    I knew Furp a little. Handy for medical problems, meh for everything else. Interesting conversation on occasion.

    I really don't know about all the hooplah is about. I know the LOLFurs had some bit of a blast over it, and while I'm sad someone died I'm not particularly torn up or shocked. I've been unfortunate enough to die twice, so death really doesn't affect me as much as it affects others. I've also been around it for so long and so often that it's really just become part of my cynical nature. Who cares?

    • That's what I was getting at. People are acting like it's the end of the fandom as we know it, but frankly I had barely known the name before he died. But what's LOLFurs?
      • by Khyber ( 864651 ) []

        Those of us that are a bit disenchanted about the fandom gather there to poke fun and laugh at the stupidity, drama, and occasional horrible porn.

        I guess I'm still a fur but nowhere active in the fandom at all. I don't attend cons and I usually only hit that forum once or twice a day to see what new stuff is around for us to laugh at.

        • I know what you mean. I haven't been terribly active in the furry community outside of Second Life in quite some time: All the idiots safely quarantine themselves in Luskwood the hell away from me.
          • by Khyber ( 864651 )

            I don't even do Second Life any longer. Griefers, whiners, and getting married tends to keep one away from such things.

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