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Journal blinder's Journal: SFB Updates 5

hello folks. i know i'm not around here much... but i just wanted to drop a quick update.

a new record was just released, 6-song CD "how much more difficult will this get?" its also available through itunes, amazon mp3 (you can also get the CD through amazon), and shortly be available through rhapsody, emusic and amie street.

the record will also come out on vinyl later this spring (colored vinyl of course.)

i'm also working on another sky flying by record as well. this one will be themed, and will come with a collection of short stories written by solemndragon (that accompany the songs).

i've been recording a lot lately and the next record will most likely be tracked partially and mixed (almost completely) at a local studio.

i've also been working on another music project that just started, an actual band. i've been working with a friend of mine, and we've been writing a few things here and there, mostly instrumental post-rock-ish type of stuff. we plan to do some gigging and recording probably this summer.

well, if you are really interested in checking out the latest stuff, just head to my sfb blog (

ok, until next time :)

i just wanted to pop in here, i haven't forgotten about the folks here :)

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SFB Updates

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  • Though I do get your Multiply stuff by email. Kudos on the music - happy for you.

    I'm twittering these days as well. Same nick as here. I'm wondering what would happen if I started tweeting poetry. Wouldn't work well without the line breaks, though. :-)

  • I got my cd from amazon last week.

    What size vinyl you doing? Any chance of any 45 rpm singles for my jukebox?

    • by blinder ( 153117 ) *

      oh man that would be awesome!

      the vinyl version will be 12" the time/program material dictates that pretty much. i'd have to do special singles edits to get one of them to fit on a 45rpm 7" heh. the "radio edits." lolz

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