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Journal carlos_benj's Journal: Amusing discovery today

It's been some time since I perused the various tabs on my individual user page. Frankly I'd never looked in any of the Friends, Fans, Foes or Freaks tabs because I didn't think there'd be anything there. Today I looked.

I'm amazed to discover I have two /. users who count me a friend and two users who deem me a foe. I suppose that's a nice balance. That I have posted anything here that would move anyone to either of these positions is amazing to me.

I'm supposing that the two 'fans' must have liked one or more of my quips or perhaps even one of the more serious posts I've made here.

That anyone would have chosen me as a 'foe' is really funny. I've generally held to the philosophy that the more you accomplish the more people are going to be against you. What amazes me is that this really isn't a forum where accomplishments are achieved (unless you count Karma), but where opinions are expressed. That someone would take such exception to an expression of opinion (not an attack) that they would take the time to add the comment's author to their list of enemies..... All I can say is I'm quite happy that I don't share meatspace with such folk.

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Amusing discovery today

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