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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Microsoft hiring an Open Source axeman?

The following is an a copy of a real job posting by Microsoft with LinkedIn. The interesting thing about this job posting is that Microsoft has repeated identified Free Open Source Software (FOSS) as a key threat to its revenue model in official annual 10K filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and the current Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, has called Linux a cancer in the software industry.

The job duties of this "Director of Open Source Desktop Strategy at Microsoft will be to "lead strategy ... as it relates to open source competitors", which doubtless means to stop the growth of GNU-Linux and Free Open Source Software at all costs. After all, this is the same company which set out to cut off Netscape's air supply. Netscape, of course, was the browser which was the precursor to one of Microsoft's greatest threats, the Firefox Internet browser. Microsoft did succeed in killing the company that produced the Netscape, so one can imagine how chagrinned are the Microsoft executives at seeing Microsoft's browser losing ground to Firefox.


Director, Open Source Desktop Strategy at Microsoft

Location: Greater Seattle Area


Apply Now

Consulting, Strategy / Planning, Product Management, Business Development
Computer Software
February 5, 2009

Job Description

The Windows Competitive Strategy team is looking for a strong team member to lead Microsoft's global desktop competitive strategy as it relates to open source competitors. Our team mission is to gather intelligence, create business strategies, and drive action in the marketplace for the Windows Client business. In this job, you will be asked to think strategically, put yourself in the mindset of our competitors, influence multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, and drive high-level executive thinking around business strategy.

As the Director of Open Source Desktop Strategy you will need to drive research and build holistic strategies across dynamic market segments like PCs, NetBooks, and mobile internet devices. You will be responsible for bringing our business strategy to life by discovering and sharing the market insights that set the foundation for our platform value dialogue with customers and the industry

You will need to work directly with customers and partners across the globe, other product groups, field sales & marketing organizations, and industry analysts to influence internal, external and partner marketing efforts with a focus on consumer scenarios.


In this role you will be expected to:
Drive our business strategy by delivering strategy reviews to Microsoft executives
Drive primary and secondary market research activities to inform marketing strategies
Manage technical analysis of competitive platforms
Create a rational set of proof points that promote Microsoft's comparative value
Build a fact-based marketing plan that articulates the Windows Client value proposition to partners and customers
Collaborate with the owners of outbound marketing channels, such as PR, advertising, analysts, field, and partners
Manage a marketing budget and influence worldwide subsidiary participation to drive our strategy


The candidate must be a highly motivated self-starter, with a proven track record of successful execution. Successful candidates must be able to think strategically and creatively about business issues on a global scale, while developing and executing detailed marketing plans. Building collaborative relationships across organizations and motivating and leading virtual teams to achieve collective impact will be essential, as will the ability to juggle multiple work streams at one time. Experience working with international teams is desirable.

A BS/A in a technical field is strongly desired and an MBA is preferred. Familiarity with Open Source products is required. Working knowledge of x86 and ARM architectures a plus, but not required for candidates with strong aptitude. 5+ years experience in a related field working on projects that require strategic thinking, broad market impact, and business / technical marketing message development & delivery preferred.
Additional Information

* Applicants with recommendations are preferred.(You have 0 recommendations)
* Referrals through network preferred.

Job ID: 652401
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Microsoft hiring an Open Source axeman?

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