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Journal djh101010's Journal: Firehose Paused due to inactivity - WTF? 1

OK, I'm a reasonably tech-savvy person, really I am. But in the last week or so, my up-to-date, fairly generic Firefox install, has been displaying a popup on my Slashdot tab, telling me that "Firehose Paused due to inactivity". If I try to ignore it it comes back. If I click unpause, it goes away until (something times out?).

It's annoying. I've googled without success - but I do see where it is in slashcode. I checked my preferences to turn whatever the hell this is, off. Can't find it. Anyone know how to make this stop?
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Firehose Paused due to inactivity - WTF?

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  • ... <sinistervoice>welcome to hell</sinistervoice>.

    Seriously, though, the issue is that the main page is now displayed using the firehose code, and the firehose code automatically updates the screen using whizbang ajaxy stuff until it doesn't feel like updating anymore, then it throws up that message. Unfortunately The Powers That Be neglected to put the firehose icons on the front page with the rest of the firehose code, so you can't press the "pause firehose" button manually to prevent it fro

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