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Journal rk's Journal: Watching the Cards and Eagles 1

And rooting for the Cards, of course... but since I watch very little broadcast TV, I don't see many commercials.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in Microsoft's ads calling their technology "people_ready"? Maybe for an encore, they can call it People.setReadinessStatus(True).

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Watching the Cards and Eagles

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  • class ReadynessSettablePeople implements ReadynessSettable

    ReadynessSettablePeople readynessSettablePeople = new ReadynessSettablePeople()

    readynessSettablePeople.setReadinessStatus( ms.csharp.lang.utilities.miscellaneous.True )

    Or something like that! (I don't know C#, or if it's quite as verbose and ridiculous as I faintly recall Java being.)

    p.s. Nissan I think had some ads with "_shift" in it or somesuch. Never could figure out what they were trying to do.

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