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Journal hajihill's Journal: Comment almost posted in.....

Panasonic Working On 2-Terabyte SD Cards

This article is absolute blithering bullshit. They're talking about the interface / file systems' _addressable_ size. Compared to actually achieving higher storage densities, that's about as hard as pulling a number out of the air. It has absolutely nothing to do with the technology needed to fit 2TB or any other number of bytes into whatever little card.

And oooh theyre making a 64GB card but "working on" a 2TB card? Yeah right, so only a 30-fold increase in density left to go!

Then he goes on to discuss throughput as if that has anything to do with it....

Yeah, I came in here to point out how silly this is. There's no announcement about any hardware in the pipeline. They're planning on using a filesystem built on FAT but with a 2TB theoretical limit? Who cares? There are better filesystems than FAT with theoretical limits much higher than 2TB.

In fact, the bigger question in my mind is, why is Microsoft coming out with a new version of FAT to support bigger filesystems? Wouldn't the effort be better spent on figuring out how to kill FAT once and for all and replace it with something that doesn't completely suck?

I wanted to echo the parent and grand-parent, and continue by saying, 'what the hell is going on with Slashdot?'

I used to consider this my primary tech news source, but I swear lately I've seen quite a few poorer renderings of the informationals that circle the internet end up here. My other feeds tend to provide the same information, faster, and in better written articles. I really don't say this to criticize, but rather to encourage the editors to more closely emulate what they once were in terms of energy levels, passion, and dedication to the ideas we all came here for in the first place. I mean, i get how the system works, but these are the best of the bunch?

I like Slashdot, and I'd very much like to continue to like Slashdot.

(Man, I should probably post as an AC, but here goes nothing....)


I've decided not to post it, as it's quite possible no one wants to hear it. But, I'll keep it here, because in a few more really bad articles maybe I won't be able to help myself.

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Comment almost posted in.....

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