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Journal Otter's Journal: What to buy on eMusic? 3

My new wireless router came with a coupon for 50 free downloads from eMusic. Is there a particular strength that store has? It seems like mostly the usual unfiltered jumble of unknowns, with no good way to see what gems others have found and Todd Snider is the only one I know at all, with shovelware albums from some bigger-name artists mixed in.

Any suggestions for an artist or genre I could try out, or a better way to browse? The site also has a lot of scripting that my Firefox doesn't like.

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What to buy on eMusic?

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  • emusic is known to sell music produced by independent labels who wouldn't put out big pop or rock blockbusters. But for jazz even the best musicians work mostly under such small labels.

    I purchased a few good albums of Chick Corea, for example.

    • by Otter ( 3800 )
      That's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for -- except the jazz part. ;-( I think I'll wind up with the same sort of things out of the reggae/Caribbean section. Thanks!!!
  • Particularly older jazz; also folk, Celtic - lesser-known artists and labels.

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