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Journal morgan_greywolf's Journal: Slashdot known astroturfers list #2

In the coming days I will be documenting known Microsoft astroturfers, together with evidence that paints them as such. Do what you will with this information. I will try to list only actual astroturfers, not fanboys, but I can't be 100% certain who-is-who. So, I will gladly accept any exceptions/modifications in the comments below. If you are the person in question, don't feel bad if I label you an astroturfer and you are not -- but you will be required to prove that you are not an astroturfer in order to be removed from the list.

Note: this list is hardly complete and will be issued in its entirety about once per week.

Update: thanks to those who have submitted updates and comments!

Julie188 (her blog, linked in her sig currently), plus looking at her posting record, only posts in stories that are of interest to Microsoft.
Thaad.Isolas (to this date, this is his ONLY post, and the account is older than that)
PoiBoy evidence evidence

See this journal entry for evidence links for the other posters.

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Slashdot known astroturfers list #2

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