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Journal bettiwettiwoo's Journal: Failed! 1

Have you seen FAIL blog ('Fail, Owned and Pwn moments in pictures and videos')? These are my current favourite fails: Ad Location Fail; Elephant Fail; Bookstore Sorting Fail; Dear Abby Fail; and Security Fail. This might be Tim Worstall's favourite.

And speaking of fails, what's with the new slashdot interface anyway? It's like being stuck in bubblegum trying to navigate one's way around here. What's the point of making everything so messy? Is it 1 April already?

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  • they will bring back the old system for a day and then take it away.

    There was a major journal bitch session a week or 2 back but almost no comment from the powers that be - an emailed response to someone saying it's the way it is.

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