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Journal rk's Journal: Screw it, I'm outta here 10

I had composed a reply to Bill Dog's journal entry on art. It was perhaps not the most original thing anyone ever has said about art, but apparently /. thought it was too unoriginal, because it wouldn't let me post it because the "repetition filter" thought it was too repetitive.

However, the repetition filter had no problem with my comment titled "this is repetition" with a body "this is repetition". Nice one, guys! Fuckin' A, who let the lab monkeys loose at Slashdot this last week? I tried to save the comment and post it here, but it got lost in the copy/paste buffer continuum somewhere. Basically, all I said is that IMO, art is creative things done for the love of it, although good art is subjective and a strict subset of art. I also said regarding the "Impeach Bush" ornament that if it were me, I would've said nothing and let it stay on the tree, unremarked... Streisand Effect, keep the idiot obscure, bla bla bla. Pretend it was marginally more eloquent than this journal and you've got the idea.

So, that's it. It's the last straw. When I get censored by a goddamned Javascript robot, the only thing left to do is surrender. My next journal post will be my last, and will have a link to my own self-hosted blog with an RSS feed and everything. If you care, you can catch me there. If you don't, that's cool too.

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Screw it, I'm outta here

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  • I can barely keep up here and multiply; I feel like everyone is scattering to the winds...

    Speaking of multiply, come to the dark side if you want to catch several folks who bailed out of here awhile back :-) It sucks, but basically it sucks slightly less than here.

    • i gave up. I have a livejournal, a multiply, twitter, facebook, and two (!) blogs to handle. I'm dry. I now barely update anywhere. I give up.


      • I started a couple of other blogs, thinking that it would be a good idea to separate them roughly by content. I'm finding that it's too much trouble to do the others. That, and the thought of starting over and making new friends and interlocutors via blogger/livejournal/wordpress/etc. is too tiring.

        I occasionally toss something up on Twitter, but that's very hit or miss for me.

      • Don't feel so bad, Sol. You can always fall back on the excuses that I use, namely a) I'm a lazy bum, b) I lead a generally uneventful life. :D


    • by rk ( 6314 )

      I did go to Multiply and I left because I would lose comments and journals. I came back here because I still came here for tech articles and at the time, they didn't lose things I wrote.

      It's not like I'm the most prolific journaler/blogger, anyway.

      I am on facebook with my real name. It's not difficult to divine my real name if you read the things I've posted here, but I semi-consciously avoid attaching my real name here to keep from linking my /. account to my name in a casual Googling. My real name in Go

      • by JesseL ( 107722 )

        Do you hold the Arizona record for the largest White Crappie caught on hook and line?

        • by rk ( 6314 )
          Nope. In fact, I have never fished in the State of Arizona. Sad, but true. My dad has all my fishing tackle and I've never bothered to have him send it to me. And then what I do is less like fishing and more like war crimes against worms. :-)
      • Ironically, I find that Facebook has brought me a lot closer to my old /. buddies thanks to the status updates and the ability to add comments quickly. :)


    • Indeed. I had to choose between the two and wen the /. route because, ironically enough, how nice and clean the /. user page was. I can only do one and I'm a creature of habit. I am, however, bummed by losing you again rk. I always enjoyed your humor and sensabilities.
  • I agree with you, too. Slashdot seems to get suckier all the time.

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