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Role Playing (Games)

Journal bettiwettiwoo's Journal: Love in the Time of Role Playing Games

[setting: the woo household. bettiwettiwoo is bitching to her lord and master, Dr woo (a.k.a. MFM), about her latest kitchen accident: a 4cmX2cm blister on her left, inner arm, acquired by handling the steaming hot water kettle in such a peculiarly inept manner one would really have to see it, or at least see the consequences of it, in order to believe it.]

bettiwettiwoo: I can't believe I managed to do this. Can you believe this? It's insane. I don't know anybody but me who does things like this. Why me?!
Dr woo: Honey, you put all your experience points in intelligence and charisma, not agility ... ... ... or wisdom.

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Love in the Time of Role Playing Games

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