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Journal bettiwettiwoo's Journal: Best Singer Ever? Or Not. 10

Rolling Stone magazine names the 100 Greatest Singers of Like Forever (or at least of 'the rock era', whatever that is.)

Nonsensically, at the #1 spot we find Aretha Franklin. We all know that spot belongs to Frank Sinatra.

Did I mention that Mariah Carey - yes, that's right, Mariah Carey - is on that list?! And John Lennon. This is totally what happens when you ask people like Brandy, Cameron Crowe, and Chris Martin for their opinions.

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Best Singer Ever? Or Not.

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  • Overrated. He seems to get his props as much from his demeanour and his history as his singing. And it's not like he doesn't have stiff competition from his contemporaries, let alone those that followed.
    • Frank Sinatra? No way! Listen to Aretha Franklin has him beat in range and energy - just listen to "Think". There's a reason why that made it into "The Blues Brothers."

      Now, if it had been "Elevator Muzak for Funeral Homes", I could totally see it.

      • Oh, please: Aretha Franklin is one of those 'tick singers': she's just a box all aspiring R&B songstresses have to tick when asked about role models, favourite singers, inspirations, whatever.

        Yes, we all know and love Think and R-E-S-P-E-C-T and possibly that poppy thing she did with George Michael and possibly, possibly her cover of Jumping Jack Flash, but nobody can listen to that nasal screeching for an entire album. It's simply impossible.

        Insofar as anybody's actually owning any album of hers at all

    • Sad to see someone whose taste in music is otherwise so decent being so ... utterly and plainly wrong. Really, really wrong. Sad and wrong.

  • the actual list []

    28 Joplin - closest current voice - P!nk

    75 iggy pop
    81 John lee Hooker - write up by Bonnie Raitt

    3 Elvis Presley - I actually think he was a better guitar player than singer.

    I don't know what Jagger & Dylan are doing on the list - technical signing merit is obviously not the highest priority - great writers & showmen. Singers? nah. BTW I am a huge stones fan.

    • No, you're right: most Rolling Stone lists seem to make more sense upside down ... only, I'm not sure this one make all that much sense even then: #95 Patti LaBelle. Has anybody who voted for Patti actually heard her sing? I mean c'mon on now, people: the voice in LaBelle was Nona Hendryx!

      The only Stones album I like is Tattoo You. And, of course, you're right: neither Mick Jagger nor Dylan belong on the 'best singer' list. It's absurd.

  • Where is Nathan Explosion []?
    • Considering that I think everybody who voted for Aretha Franklin (et al.) were talking to the gremlins in their heads, it makes perfect sense to have an imaginary singer as #1. It would make the list more honest!

      Let's be honest: few people own Aretha Franklin albums, even fewer listen to them; John Lennon is not a singer, he's a tragedy; the best thing about James Brown is the Was Not Was song I Feel Better Than James Brown; and Tina Turner ahead of Freddie Mercury ??? Yeah, that'll be about right. Not.

      • None of my favorite singers were on the list...

        Michael Sweet of Stryper, incredible range in his voice
        Amy Lee of Evanescence (OK, yeah, they're all teen angsty and emo, but the girl can SING)
        Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden
        Ozzy Osbourne (as there's no one else like him)

        Others warranting consideration: Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate (Queensryche).
        • You're absolutely right in that there are quite a few metal (term used broadly) singers that should have been on that list, as well as 'alternative' one (the nod to BjÃrk I see as whole perfunctory/mandatory), country ones, etc. There are even pop strumpets with good voices. Better than Patti LaBelle at any rate.

          Again, I think it's a problem with the voter base: the overall list is ludicrously weighted in favour of R&B - if I can use that term really, really broadly - and I believe that's because i

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