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Journal VincenzoRomano's Journal: Is Slashdot (supposed to be) USA-centric? 3

(I'm not from the USA nor live or work in the USA)
Useless to say, Slashdot is unique and great news website. But from time to time it appears very clear from both the scoops and from the comments that at least in some users' mind Slashdot is devoted to the USA people and culture. In other words, Slashdot seems to be USA-centric.
Before trying to place some comments on that, I have browsed the site FAQs, the about page and the Terms of Use.
No single word about any culture-centricity.
I can trust the servers sit within the USA borders, as well as the editors and a good part of the users. But this is not enough to be USA-centric, as a lot of other web sites match those features but are not USA-centric.
The English language is the spoken one. But also this is not enough, as I would say that English is the lingua franca for the Internet and not a mark for any centricity.
The domain name itself is not a SLASHDOT.US and its subtitle reads "news for nerds, stuff that matters" and not "news for american nerds, stuff that matters to north Americans". So it is far from being clear this supposed USA-centricity.
With the same meaning, I would never say that or (both owned along with /. by Sourceforge, inc.) have any cultural centricity.
As well as is not Finland-centric!
In other words, I would say that Slashdot is an international, border free, culture neutral community.
Or not?
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Is Slashdot (supposed to be) USA-centric?

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