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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [US] Listen closely to what they say 12

12:30am here. McCain has conceded. Celebration in Chicago. And there is all kinds of talk on the radio. And I listened closely.

What are the Democratic leaders saying right now?

They are not talking about making things better. They are not talking about restoring confidence. They're not talking about economy. They're not talking about improving anything at all. They are talking about their "agenda". And yes, they are using that word quite freely. They're talking about how to implement their "agenda" gradually so as not to upset everyone (seriously, came right off of CBS News). They're saying their "agenda" has had to wait until now, but it's now time.

So, those of you who voted Democrat - I assume that when you voted you knew it's "Agenda First, Country Second"? Because, if you listen to what the Democrats are saying tonight, that's EXACTLY what you're about to get.

Congrats. You just screwed the pooch.

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[US] Listen closely to what they say

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  • Congrats. You just screwed the pooch.

    And you're false starting. Happy hunting!
  • Clearly, in everyones' worrying about things, the pooch has become quite attractive in America.

  • I didn't get that in Obama's speech. I thought it was very inclusive, and he said some very powerful things about McCain. Now if you're talking about the commentators or other Dems, then I have nothing to add because I didn't hear it. It wouldn't surprise me, the same thing has happened from Republicans, too; and is more just a reflection of the political animal in general than a Left/Right thing.
    • It was not in Obama's speech. It was what the Democratic leaders like Pelosi were saying in the wake of the big gains in the house and senate.
      • That's what I thought but thought I'd check. Pelosi? Can't say that I've ever ahd a good thought about her. I find the extremes and homers of both parties insufferable and aggravating.
  • "Agenda First, Country Second"?

    Could you then tell us what the conservatives meant with their "Country first" advertising pitch?

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