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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Not playing War much, looked at others, thoughts, 2

I was playing Warhammer Online but i became bored very quickly. I think i played once in the last month, and then for only .5 hour. It is partially due to moving to a low population server which was split by them and finding noone there. The split was from a high population server with waiting times. Now they will be allowing character moves, so i may be trying again. There are other reasons as well, including the UI, bugs relating to mob response to attacks, and classes. Except for the Rune Priest, no class really interests me. And the Rune Priest is useless when soloing in RvR. Maybe noone can kill you, but killing a even a secondary healer even 4 levels lower is just about impossible for me.

A friend spoke of Assassin's Creed. It costs $30 and looked interesting. He gave me a hacked copy which i played for a few days and got bored of it. Interesting idea, uninteresting gameplay. I deleted the game.

I was wondering about the games i like and why. Two things came to mind. Previews and technique. I would probably buy more games if i had the chance to preview them and see if i was actually interested in playing them. Shareware does this, but i think shareware is often overpriced. I'm not really looking, but previews of fancy games seem to be movies instead of actually playing. That doesn't interest me.

Technique is the other aspect. In good old Mario, the actions were simple. Learning an effective action or sequence and good timing were what made a good player. Now, many games have a lot of buttons to hit to get to a sequence but the game itself does the fancy moves. There is no timing, there is no technique. Just remembering keys and key sequences.

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Verbiage: Not playing War much, looked at others, thoughts,

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  • That plus the games that rewarded whoever could mash the buttons fastest. I prefer games that balance deft controlling with strategy. I've enjoyed Super Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl because of their focus on this. It also annoyed my stepson because it negated his "twitch" advantage;-)

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