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Journal twitter's Journal: Ballmer, "Advertisers, baby!" and the PC Guy. 1

You may have seen the new PC Guy advertisement and laughed. If you own a PC, you will cry when you find out it's true.

It is incredible to watch Steve Ballmer say that M$ is all about advertisers. Here's a transcript of the important parts:

Going back about 20 years, I used to tell our people Microsoft is about one thing, 20 years ago, "Windows, Windows, Windows! Baby!" four or five years ago ... the bedrock of Microsoft had been getting after developers to extend our presence. It's all about Developers, Developers, Developers! but not anymore Baby! It's Advertisers, Advertisers, Advertisers!

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Ballmer, "Advertisers, baby!" and the PC Guy.

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  • While I don't like Macs and their ads are sometimes not even near the truth, I have to give it to them that they're pretty funny.

    But Ballmer, man he's an idiot. He's the CEO of goddamn Microsoft, a SOFTWARE company and he's saying it's all about advertising and not about developing? That's like a car salesman saying their not making cars anymore or teacher saying he doesn't teach anymore but is just telling his pupils how good his school is. Seriously, what the fuck.
    No wonder Vista blows more than the mist

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