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Journal bettiwettiwoo's Journal: Train Spotting 2

A while ago I came up with the idea that it might be funny to have a toy train riding around the top of our lounge room bookshelves for Christmas, so we went out to have a look at toy trains.

Toy trains - they are, of course, totally referred to as model trains - are, in case you didn't know, serious stuff. Serious, elaborate stuff: not just trains, but whole worlds. (Or if not worlds exactly, at least whole landscapes.) And in a way, I feel I can almost get it; some of the steam engines in particular ... they're just gorgeous, gorgeous and remarkably expensive.

There are some aspects, though, of this hobby which I do not, perhaps, find so entirely so easy to grasp: in building your preferred model train landscape, you can populate them with figures such as these (possibly NSFW).

You may argue that it's a guy thing. And, of course, by and large, toy trains are a guy thing. A nerdy guy thing. But let me just state for the record that there is a point when you pass from nerd to merely sad. Really.

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Train Spotting

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *

    Maybe they are for that realistic stripclub down near the tracks?

    • Having their morning exercise - Swedish gymnastics, bien sûr - in the designated strip club exercise area (always placed next to the railroad tracks, as I'm sure you know)?!

      Or members of those ubiquitous nudist colonies which one can also always find along railway tracks. (There was a nude volleyball team - female, of course - but I was too lazy to find the proper image.)

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