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Journal doom's Journal: Freeman Dyson on the Galapagos 1

Freeman Dyson is one of the few survivors of the age of giants in physics (he was one of the people who developed the mathematical underpinnings for Feynman's work), and he remains a fascinating, wide-ranging thinker, the author of works like Infinite in All Directions. Of late he seems interested in being an environmental heretic, but in a much more moderate, intelligent way than the usual "conservative" style. Most recently he's published a long, thoughtful article on the Galpagos islands, with emphasis on the difficulties of balancing the needs of locals against environmental preservation.

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Freeman Dyson on the Galapagos

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  • Funny: I was about to start bitching about how the slashkiddies don't seem to even know who Freeman Dyson is or why you would care about what he says, but then I turned up that slash story from last year. So at least someone convinced them to run a Dyson story... I've been trying without success since the late 90s...

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