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Journal LiquidCoooled's Journal: The wow factor :: liqbase 1

A couple of weeks ago I returned from the first maemo.org summit.

At that summit a number of very special things occured.
I met up with people I had only spoken to online and drank lots of beer, and secondly my software was recognised.

I was able to show my vision for touch based devices and I was bowled over by the reaction.

I have been writing a piece of software for the last few months now, called liqbase - its designed to make the most out of a touch device and actually put control back at your fingertips.

Its still just a hack, there is no polish and it needs a lot of work, but its out there.

The Nokia Internet Tablets run a variant of linux called maemo, with a thriving community at the maemo.org site we code and hack our devices because we can.
I didn't wait for anyone else to fix it for me, I didn't wait for next gen hardware, I made the most out of what I had and went ahead and tried myself and am more than happy with the results so far.

Its been a long hard slog this year, I've hacked and cursed and laughed and cried along with my friends, but I've managed to do something which works like a touch screen is meant to.

I want to take it further, Nokia wants me to take it further, maybe, just maybe we can manage it.


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The wow factor :: liqbase

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  • I remember when you first posted the "have a peek at this"-type of journal entry with the youtube links. Bet I watched it half a dozen times, it was so smooth. Too bad I don't have a system that can run it (as I lamented back then!))
    Good luck with this, sounds like it's all panning out for you!

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