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Journal twitter's Journal: Microsoft, for first time in 30 years, has a Hiring Freeze. 2

Network News broke the now hotly denied story of a M$ hiring freeze.

Microsoft has instituted a hiring freeze, likely spurred by the worsening economic conditions in the U.S., according to a source close to the company. ... On Friday, the software giant started sending a note to employees informing them of the decision, according to an employee who saw the letter but asked not to be named.

The denial story shows that the original email was genuine and has more details:

On Friday, some employees received a note saying that the company was re-evaluating open headcount and wouldn't be adding new headcount.

But Gellos [M$ spokesweasel] said the company intends to continue hiring new workers. "This year we expect lots of growth and that we will hire lots of people," he said. "I think the nuance is in the fact that in light of the economy it's important that we do the prudent thing and evaluate projects that we're working on."

It is important not to blame this move on the economic climate alone. Healthy companies will prosper and grow in the adversity, especially as M$ loses their ability to interfere. Companies that don't have anything people want to buy will sink into debt and fail.

Update: All you softies who get pink slips can comfort yourself with the thoughts of Steve Ballmer's $20,000,000 bonus. M$ Executives have earned that, don't you think? No?

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Microsoft, for first time in 30 years, has a Hiring Freeze.

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