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Journal Red Flayer's Journal: Another quarter gone by

Well, another quarter has passed on by, and the world looks much the same as it did three months ago. There were some notable events that will stick with me for a while.

The Olympics in China -- awesome presentation, marred only by a few technical glitches. More confirmation of the fact that the IOC has no balls, not calling China out on the Mystery of the Underaged Gymnasts (maybe the Hardy Boys will get on the case). Michael Phelps was phenomenal, but for some reason he rubs me the wrong way... he doesn't act like a hero should act, and that bothers me subconsciously. I wish for the (imaginary, I think) halcyon days when we had heros we could worship because they had heroic values, not just because they did heroic deeds.

Banking meltdown in the US... saw this coming for the past couple years. Hopefully we'll let the market adjust so we can begin recovery, rather than postponing and exacerbating the problem. I have a great sense of unease about the next few years economically, but I'm not sure how to put myself in the best position to ride it out.

Presidential politics... same bat time, same bat channel as last election cycle, and all the ones I remember. Quick thoughts: Palin's in over her head, McCain is good at dissembling, Obama is gliding on the winds of change, Biden should've stayed in the Senate.

Rutgers football has gotten a rude awakening, Schiano better get his team to a competitive level before all his recruits de-commit.

Being a father continues to bring new joys constantly, I can't wait until my daughter can actually tell me she loves me, even though I can see it in her outstretched arms when I get home before her bedtime. On the plus side, she does signal 'touchdown' by raising her arms if I say it. Makes watching football even better :)

A good friend got married after living with his girfriend for over a decade. Congrats to them! Great people, maybe they'll be contributing more to the gene pool soon... don't know why else they would decide to get married after ten years together.

Other good friends had their first child... good luck to them, they'll need it. I thought I had a hard time adjusting to life with a baby, I think they're in for some real eye-opening.

Anyway, here's to hoping I remember to continue quarterly updates for some future retrospection.

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Another quarter gone by

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