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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A possible return... 14

New job (back to consulting) and current client blocks 'social networks', so I may have to make my return here until the situation changes.

What really sucks is hurricane ike destroyed Cincinnati, and I've been without power at home since Sunday, so even if I wanted to blog on multiply, I can't...

Stay tuned, I suppose...
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A possible return...

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  • from the poster formerly known as - oh, hell - you figure it out!
    /go buckeyes
    • by rk ( 6314 ) *

      I meant to ask you... why did you unload the RailGunner nom de plume?

      Newbie. :-)

      • Because I never liked it. Naqamel is an idea for a metal band I had - Naqam is the Hebrew word for revenge / vengeance, and the El suffix is "Of God" - So, it's "Vengenace of God" - or, more accurately, Angel of Vengeance.

        Now if only I had:
        + Time
        + A Drummer Who's Not An Alcoholic
        + A way to decently record because my sound card input just sounds like ass

        Then some day, if the planets are aligned juuuust right, I may eventually get this band thing off the ground.

        But the biggest reason was I never li
        • Damn, I'm a non-alcoholic metal drummer looking for a band. Shame Geography will make it a non-starter.

        • by rk ( 6314 ) *

          Now if only I had: + Time

          The first curse of the musician who needs a day job and has family responsibilities. I feel your pain. I'm fortunate that my wife and my son are extremely supportive.

          + A Drummer Who's Not An Alcoholic

          Why not wish for a unicorn and a jellybean factory while you're at it? ;-)

          + A way to decently record because my sound card input just sounds like ass

          If you've got some money to throw at this problem ($300-400 new, I got mine second hand for 250 and it had barely been used), I would like to recommend the Digitech GNX4 [] guitar workstation. It does 8-track digital recording to a CF card or however many tracks your PC re

  • Just bounce back and forth like I do. Unfortunately, I'm in charge of the blocking solution at $new_jorb so if I do figure out a way around it to post on *, I have to then figure out how to stop it.

    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *

      Ssh tunnel home to your squid proxy ftw!!!

      • Yeah, that was my first idea, so we blocked SSH.

        Then I moved my sshd port to 443 to get around port 22 being blocked, so we started stateful packet inspection and decryption using shared keys.

        At least its nice to actually be big brother for a change.

        • by nizo ( 81281 ) *

          Remote proxy through ssl tunnel ftw!!!

          I have never set that up, but it should work. Though you would see quite a bit of traffic flowing through one little ssl connection :-)

        • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) *

          remote VNC to my home machine on a non-standard port and run my browser there is how I do it. Since we use VNC for remote access to our clients, I just pick several and rotate through them as needed.

          The real key is to:
          1. Keep it short (it's a break from coding, not a way to blow off work)
          2. Don't do anything illegal or offensive (no midget clown porn or anarchist sites)

          I have the benefit of working for a company and a supervisor that doesn't overly care what we d

  • Although not your ideal choice, for those of us who stayed behind it would certainly be nice to have you back. Hopefully you get power back soon. When I was in CA during the Loma Prieta earthquake we were without water or power for just under a week, so I know how much it sucks.
  • Here I was, trying add comments to your journal, and just finding it impenetrable.


  • dang. well you aren't the only one I read her eon the dot..... but it has been a 1/2 or so since I hit up "open all" on the tech bookmark folder.

    (dang... stupid "much have subject" requirements...... yeah. good old slashdot

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