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Journal Bruce Perens's Journal: NY Times Publishes an Article About Perens Book Series 2

Please see this article in the NY Times. Woo Hoo! This is the end of the publicity except for a few magazines with long lead times. We got a good deal of coverage, and IMO it's always a good idea to put the successes of the Free Software movement in front of the people. Hopefully the coverage will inspire others to do free books. I have gotten a lot of writing proposals, but can use more. Please hit my book series page if you would like to write.



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NY Times Publishes an Article About Perens Book Series

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  • I think "Steal This Book? A Publisher Is Making It Easy" hardly captures the intent of the series.
    • It resonates for some of us from the Abby Hoffman generation, and shock-value is what gets people to read headlines.

      Lohr interviewed 4 people and spent a lot of time on the story. The result is what the readers would understand. That's sometimes less than what we desire, but we have to be prepared for it when doing publicity. If anyone's interested enough to look for my name on Google, they'll find out more. I do see a number of those google referrals in my web log today.



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