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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: Funny anecdote (I found it amusing anyway) 13

I'm helping a friend by tutoring. The course work is in electronic format. She is trying to get her printer to work, and I'm no hardware person. After numerous failed attempts to get it up and running. She asks me if I have any suggestions.

Sure. You're background image is kind fo gaudy. Maybe if you changed it, the printer would work.

But that's not even related!

She changed the background image. And the printer started working.

She seemed angry even though the printer was working.

I have a history of making stupid suggestions to computer problems that have no relevence to the task at hand that work.

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Funny anecdote (I found it amusing anyway)

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  • GDI can't deal with the abrupt pixel transitions. ;-)

    • My reasoning was that the universe is a malicious entity. The computer is an extension of the universe. This outcome caused anger. Thus the universe made it so, because it doesn't like you.

      • I have concluded that all electronic equipment is fitted with ambient anxiety detection circuitry - causing interruption of operation if you are subject to emergency or deadline pressures, etc.

        It is good to infer design characteristics, based on circumstantial observations.

        • It is good to infer design characteristics, based on circumstantial observations.

          That's basically what science is, right?

          • Yes. That, and live animal vivesection.

            • live animal vivesection

              Isn't vivsection, by definition, done to live animals? Or is it a live broadcast of animal vivsection?

              • You are again, correct. Vivesecton and Mortesection are the immediate connection between stone masonry and Higg's bosun.

                • Holy crap. I never put the word-origin of vivesection together until you used mortesection. Thanks for that. Until now I thought disection was dead, vivesection was live.

                  I hate it when I miss what seems so obvious in hindsight.

        • My first real experience with a computer of any sort was Navy Basic Electricity/Electronics shool in, oh, 1987.
          I have no idea what it actually was, but it was known as FRED: Fscking Ridiculous Electronic Device.
          • I have an acronym for FRED, but mine adds and S. (FREDS)

            I observed it in the behavior of a former coworker. If his football team did well that Sunday, he was really nice to interact with. If it did poorly, he was an asshole.

            I called it FREDS, Football Related Emotional Distress Syndrome.

            It turned out to work for European colleagues later for soccer.

  • If I had a nickel for every time I heard the following line: "Oh, it's working now that you're here.", as if my very presence had scared the offending hardware or software to start behaving again lest I molest it.

    Maybe the singularity is already here and has decided to keep a low profile?
    • Heh!

      I've observed the following:

      If you want to get help figuring out why what you're coding isn't working, and attempt to demonstrate what is not working; it'll work for the audience.

      If you want to show something you just made to your colleagues; it'll not work.

      Life's a bitch.

    • by kesuki ( 321456 )

      I get that one a lot too. sometimes i can still figure out what was causing the trouble though anyways. usually it has something to do with how their bios is set, or else some obscure windows setting that they'd never find if it was pageranked to the top of google.

      oh yeah, systems i personally build have drastically better reliability than the crapputer from the local computer super center. usually relatives who buy crapputers have an serious hardware failure every 18 months, my rigs statistically have a p

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