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Journal kenp2002's Journal: An observation on America this election

The primary cancer eating at America is the population, as a whole, no longer possess the skills and mental tools to discern perception from reality.

They cannot read an article, pick apart the fact, fiction, opinions, and speculation and draw a conclusion of their own. They either agree or disagree rather then view an draw a conculsion of their own.

It's sad. We get "McCain sucks" or "Obama sucks" but when asked why, their response is "They voted against X,Y, and Z." Then when asked if they knew why they voted against those, they break down and say, "I don't know". Then when pressed again with the question, "Then how do you know voting against it was a bad idea?", they will summarize the bill's name and say, "how can anyone vote against X,Y, or Z"

Again, ask "How do you know that anything in the bill X, actually addressed X? Did you read the purposed bill?" You'll get a "no". There is no reasoning, or perhaps massive ignorance on how politics function. Did Senator A vote for X in order to get Senator B to vote for Y? Have we lost our understanding of politics? Or have we lost out very ability to reason though a problem?

This is a complete break down of normal human reasoning. We cannot collectively separate sound bytes from the actual context of a sentence. We demand change, we are promised change, we cry out for reform for what ever cause suits you, yet we go to the very people that got us in the trouble in the first place and expect them to change what they active worked to create... Total breakdown of human reason. You wouldn't ask the arson who just burnt down your house to help put the fire out right?

Without the ability to reason we are rapidly regressing back to animals, reacting out of a mental reflex, rather then reasoning through an obstacle,problem, or issue.

The very understanding of a difference is slipping. I do not like Ocra. Because I do not like Ocra, why would I have any dislike of people who like Ocra? Would I personally develop a hatered of people with a taste for Ocra? Would I ride around with a sign that say "John Doe Sucks!" simply because John Doe like Ocra? Why then would I develop a dislike of an political canidate mearly because I disagree with them? Why would that factor in personally? At most I might have a sign that reads, "Don't let John Doe cook unless you like Ocra." I can't say Obama sucks or McCain sucks because, quite frankly, I've never met either of them. Reason tells me that I can't develop a personal dislike for someone mearly because I may disagree with them. Reason tells me that I cannot judge a person on the color of their skin, but rather the content of their character. So would I not judge a canidate personally not by their approach to solve health care but by the content of their character? There is no rational way someone can tell me that I am supposed to dislike someone, or say someon is stupid or evil, because one may want to raise taxes to provide health care while another may want to let market pressure and incentives improve health care. Both want to fix it, each may have a different approach. Regardless of approach, what rational person develops hate over a difference of views?

Reason tells me that most special interest groups are made up of people that got organized and petition the government. Moveon.org is a special interest group, the NRA is a special interest group, so is the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Shriners, Rotatry Club, VFW, and the Scouts. I certainly don't want them silenced as I am a member of several special interest groups. Those that tend to cry out loudest against special interest groups are simple those that aren't part of one. You local church is a special interest group, your local chamber of commerce is too. Our ability to reason has slipped that we cannot see the problem is the CONDUCT of special interest groups, not the existence of those groups themselves. We generalize because we no longer have the capacity to dissect a problem, find the root cause, and address it. We find even our idiology and problem solving skills are disposable. The VCR has a frayed power cord? We throw the whole thing out rather then just fix the cord. A canidate has a flaw? We discard the entire individual. They disagree with a single viewpoint and we discard the whole. This has to stop or we are in serious trouble... Politics is the process of compromise and debate, not mandate and partisan dictatorship.

If the behavior of the American public doesn't frighten you as we move through this election, go rent Idiocracy and tell me, how far away are we? In many ways, we are already there...

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An observation on America this election

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