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Journal davidwr's Journal: Do you prefer the old Slashdot? 6

Registered users can use the Slashdot Classic Discussion style. But what if you aren't logged in? You can still get the classic view by disabling JavaScript. Thanks to tools like NoScript you can browse Slashdot with scripting disabled then temporarily enable and disable it as needed.

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Do you prefer the old Slashdot?

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  • I use an antique browser here (Netscape 3 !!) with js disabled. Since NS3 don't know no CSS, this makes slashdot render in effectively plaintext. Very nice, very fast, and easy on the aging eyes.

    I can't use slashdot at all in full mode or CSS mode -- it's too slow and makes my eyes crazy.

  • Oopie doopie! You-um genius! (Sorry to be not PC, but some good things can only be expressed by the Go Go Gophers.)

    I am now having better day. I used to run exclusively with JS off, but that was then, this was now. I don't want to even know why this works better or what /. feels a need to JS out - I'm just finally happy with it again.


  • Yes. I'm only back to reading it daily (instead of when I think about it) because corporate has finally blocked fark.com.

  • Another method is to put "no_d2=1" into a slashdot url. For example, http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?no_d2=1&threshold=-1&mode=nested&commentsort=3&sid=198985&cid=16303141&pid=16303141 [slashdot.org] It works for me. Your mileage may vary.

    One thing you don't get anymore in good ole D1 is the list of moderations on each comment. It used to be available by clicking on the "Score" link, but ever since some changes were made to slashcode [slashcode.com] in about March 2008, it's only available in D2. That's silly an

  • What would be really useful is to have a proxy web server like privoxy with the addition of Javascript that would make the proxy itself communicate with slashdot.org in D2 mode, while the proxy communicates with your browser in D1 mode. You could download the proxy server code, set it up on your pc using a spare port, and point your browser to the port, and let the proxy hide the true ugly horror of D2. It should be easy to extend the code for one of the existing proxies to do that (use one of the ready-mad

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