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Journal sm62704's Journal: Amy again 5

Previously: A drunken mess

Charlie's boss hasn't been back, so instead of construction work she's been cleaning houses. She paid back the last twenty bucks she owed me this morning.

Yesterday evening we watched movies as we've been boredly doing the last week, and her ride dropped off a joint for me when he picked her up to take her to yet another filthy house in the ghetto to clean. I lit it (the doob, not the filthy ghetto house) and started the movie back up.

"Excuse me, but he explicitly asked for a nigger. To tell a family secret, my grandmother was Dutch!"



It was Amy's boyfriend. "Hey, just a heads up, Amy's going to be showing up at your house."

*Sigh.* More trouble. "Thanks for the heads up, man."

"No problem, bye".



"...and tell him I said 'OWW!'"



"Hi, It's Amy, I'm over at Alan's and I'm walking to your house."


"He beat the hell out of me, Alan saw the whole thing, it freaked Alan out, he didn't know what to do. I'm walking down eighth street."

I told her I'd meet her halfway, and hung up.

I hit "stop" and walked out to meet Amy. I walked her back home, turned Blazing Saddles back on, and sat on the couch with her.

Poor Amy. Her BF was almost broke; he had ten bucks left. She'd asked for whiskey money, and specifically told him that her alcohol addiction was getting the best of her, that she had the shakes and was seeing snakes. So he went ahead and stupidly gave her the ten dollars for food!

Of course she spent it on whiskey. I hugged her and tried unsuccessfully to dry her tears.

He called later and asked if he could drop her things off at my house. I said it was OK.

Damn it.

I let her cry on my shoulder until I had to go to bed, and left her on the couch.

No way in hell would I give an alcoholic my last ten dollars when I knew she wanted a drink! Amy's BF isn't the sharpest knofe in the drawer by any means.

She and Charlie woke me up talking loudly in the dining room. I put on my robe and went in; Charlie had a forty two ounce beer and Amy had a pint of Jim Beam. Charlie poured me a beer and Amy poured me a shot.

It seems I now have two crazy women living with me. Well, at least I got rid of Tami...

And I'm sure Amy will be gone in a day or two. I need to get her drugs; she's been prescribed Zoloft, and she hasn't had any for two weeks.

And she's on her period; PMS has hold of her as well.


Next: Psycho Man Slayers

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Amy again

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  • ...and no three-way.

    That's a bummer, man.

    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      It could happen... if it does, I'm afraid there won't be a journal post about it, sorry. I don't print EVERYTHING, you know.

      I'm pretty sure I could have had Amy last night if she wasn't on the rag, she was REALLY pissed at her BF. Seems the only time I ever get laid (by a non-hooker) is whan some female friend's fighting with her BF. I ran across one the other night in a bar, but I was with someone that night.

      Charlie has no BF, which makes her a hard case. I fantasize about walking in on the two of them doi

  • A nice word I haven't heard in ages. It sounds friendly, a bit slow of understanding but quite nice once you get to know him.

    Tell the girls I said 'Hi'! :)

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