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Journal Rinisari's Journal: Political ads on Slashdot

I grow weary of the 2008 election political ads which adorn the pages of Slashdot nowadays. McCain seems to have a firm grasp on Slashdot's ad space, something which I'm sure is not purposeful on the part of the powers-that-be, but rather a well-targeted campaign from the McCain camp. This Jim Gerlach running for the PA 6th also has many ads, but the number of AZ senator's impressions simply dwarf that of Mr. Gerlach.

McCain's policies would do little more than hurt the average Slashdotter, so I question why the ancient senator would bother trying. Slashdot is decidedly libertarian in thought, even though its clientèle may vote Democrat or Republican most of the time. If my assessment is incorrect, then I would assume that Obama would have more of a chance of wooing Slashdotters--he's already gained support from the likes of Lawrence Lessig, Wil Wheaton, and Randall Munroe.

I would honestly like to see Bob Barr advertise on Slashdot, even if just to further spread the message of liberty and Constitutionalism.

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Political ads on Slashdot

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