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Journal giel's Journal: Poor Bush

A quote I found Journal of grrliegeek (592264)

Another Bush-ism Monday January 06, @12:01PM #20628

There are some rediculously funny things that the current President of the US has to say. Unintentional humor brings me much joy. I'm glad there's something to balance out the sorrow at the intellectual capacity of my country's president.
"I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them." -- George H. W. Bush "

I must admit Bush never really impressed me by his intellect, but this beats everything... Personally I think Bush confuses opinions with feelings and agreement with understanding (a very common disorder). He must have meant to say this:

"I have feelings of my own, strong feelings, but I don't always understand them."

and that is something that takes some courage to admit, makes sense for someone in his position and it might explain his behaviour. Well let's hope he won't bypass the VN again and spend your billions on a useless war against Saddam. Personally I still have a very strong and bad opinion about this...

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Poor Bush

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