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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: Employment update 8

About two weeks ago a colleague and I were converted from contractor to permanent employee. I've been working at this place for about two years, and I'm told this conversion is a good thing. The benefits like insurance, vacation, and 401K-type crap are improved. My salary saw what I would consider a considerable boost (This raise equaled my first salary about ten years ago). And because of the discrepancies in the way each employer handles payroll, I got paid for one week of my new job's pay plus my last two weeks of my old job's pay plus the pay for the unconsumed vacation time I had accrued in the two years. So I got the rough equivalent of six weeks pay this pay period.

Unfortunately, this coincides with a reduction in the contract for the firm with whom I was previously employed; and some folks got let go. It's sad because I got along fairly well with those who were laid off. I'm just glad I didn't make a big deal about my conversion.

I got to go through orientation. I got the Kool-aid presentation and a tour of the facilities in which I have been working for the last couple years. I'm recognized by virtually everyone (even if not recognized by name) so almost everywhere the group went there was someone who greeted me by name. The new hires thought that was amusing and asked if I had a fan club or something. The human resources person asked me if I was exited about starting with the company. Most of the time I answer questions honestly without thought about expectations of response or the desired response by the inquirer (I've got a reputation in my department for that and as a result am consulted by some superiors when they want an answer without the rainbows and sunshine that were supplied to make them feel better) I responded "No." When asked why I wasn't exited I explained that my duties were not really going to change. I'm pleased with the transition as it does mean improved compensation and a reduction of the paperwork that I would have to fill out, but I wouldn't use the term exiting. I'm excitement-impaired.

That's pretty much what has changed recently. I hope this finds those who read in good health and decent spirits.

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Employment update

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  • when people ask me why I'm not excited - I just look at them and say, "I am - this is as excited as I get." If I were to ever win the lottery I might get a little more emotional however.

    • I've been told by close friends that I was the only person they knew who, upon winning the lottery would say "Hmm. I won." then wait until the end of the day to tell anybody.

      • Yeah - I'm not that chill. Though I would keep it quiet until I'd secured a good lawyer and accountant. Of course I don't play - so my odds of winning are low.

        • Of course I don't play - so my odds of winning are low.

          Yet, not that much lower than those who play regularly;-)

          Congrats on being made permanent and all that goes with it! I started out at my present position as a temp for a contracting agency. Then they made me permanent and I called the temp agency to elt them know. The response was decidely icy, and then my manger asked me if I was sure I was making the right decision. I answered, "Well, it's the same exact job, only I get more money, medical b
          • The response was decidely icy

            Mine went pretty smoothly. I don't think there are any hard feelings. I'm glad for that.

            As for The Price is Right. I'd never get through the screening process (if they have one). I don't have the demeanor to get engaged in the process and I'm not materialistic enough to be swayed terribly much by free stuff. Those game shows want happy energetic people.

  • My employer plans on outsourcing as much of IT as possible. Contract negotiations with a certain well-known outsourcer are underway now.

    • Shit. That sucks. What's the estimated timeframe? Any prospects?

      • Well, we ought to know who will be affected within the next month, transitions for those affected could take up to a year.

        The problem I have is that if I am "transitioned out of the company" (nice, eh?) there are not many other employers of UNIX Sysadmins/Engineers in the area. The other major ones were a chip fab (closing), and the county (budget shortfall). I can't move because I'm in the red in home value minus amount owed. No re-lo package could cover it.

        I did make it to an on-site interview with G

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