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Journal sm62704's Journal: Star and Wars 6

previously: I need to stop drinking

Baby, time meant nothing, anything seemed real
Yeah, you could kiss like fire and you made me feel
Like every word you said was meant to be
No, it couldnt have been that easy to forget about me

Even the losers get lucky sometimes
Even the losers keep a little bit of pride
They get lucky sometimes

-Tom Petty

Nothing cheers an old man up like sex with a pretty young lady half his age.

"Hey Steve, can you give me a ride?"

"Sure, Charlie, let me finish this beer and I'll be right over." I didn't know how badly the girls were feuding. Taking care of Ralph was taking its toll on all three of them. I need Charlie to drive for me this Friday; Doctor Odin's going to dialate my eyes and I won't be able to see well enough to drive home.

Taking care of Ralph is a full time job now; he's not healed from his abdominal surgery yet and is pretty much a complete bedridden invalid. And it's a job the three of them are being paid for; Ralph's daughter is paying them to nurse him back to health.

I finished the beer and picked her up, and drove to the house she was cleaning. She presently came out with her rug shampooer and a bag of garbage. "Dude's in jail, man!"

"Damn", I said, "You can't catch a break, can you? How'd you get in?"

"His family was there. It'll be forever before I get paid."

"He didn't bail out?"

"Ten thousand bucks to spring him!"


I took her home and went back to the bar. Halfway through the beer and the phone rang again. "Can you come get me?" It was Tami, and she was crying. She wasn't used to that kind of stress; she'd thought taking care of me after my vitrectomy was hard. "That was NOTHING" she said. And Linda was gone and Charlie had been in the bathroom since I dropped her off.

As far as I was concerned, Tami could go fuck herself, but I worried about Ralph. So I drove back over there. I didn't want any of the three of them walking away from him. If that happened, his daughters would have him put in a nursing home and the old man would die.

I didn't want my friend to die.

Charlie came out and the two women argued about who was doing the most for Ralph and who was slacking off, and I could see that all of them were way over their heads with this. Charlie said she'd left some beer at a friend's house, could I give her a ride?

I told her sure, but Tami needed to get away, too, and it was her turn.

I gave Charlie the ride, and after Linda called her she didn't want to come back. She'd have her friend give her the ride. Tami had called Linda on the bar she was in's phone and demanded that she come back, Linda gave Charlie hell for being gone, which was totally counterproductive becaise Charlie isn't good at taking orders.

I went back to Ralph's. Tami had calmed down, Linda had gone again. I sat there visiting Ralph and watching Tami care for him, chatting with Tami.

I left when Linda got back, nearly my bed time. Tami thanked me for being there for her. I held my tongue and went home.

The next day I woke up with the blues, in the middle of a dream about sex with the fat middle aged Tami. Damned alarm clock! I couldn't figure out what it was that had started attracting me to the damned woman, unless it was just having her live with me for those sexless months. Forbidden fruit.

At work Tami called to thank me again for being there for her, and to chat. Damn it, why won't the woman leave me alone? I'd asked her to stay away from me, to give me time to heal. No such luck. "Can you pick me up to get a few things from your house?" she asked. "Sure", I sighed. Most of her belongings, including her late mother's ashes, were in my basement. "Give me a call." I had the blues even worse.

After work as I was getting ready to heat up some leftover pizza after changing my shirt and bringing up the trash can from the alley and taking out the trash and all the other mundane things one has to do, the phone rang. It was Annie's boyfriend, asking if she was there. "No, I haven't seen her" I said. I told him I'd have her call if I did.

No sooner than I hung it up and it rang again. It was Tami, wanting me to come get her so she could pick up some things. I told her I'd be over shortly.

As I was driving off it rang again. Damn cell phones! They're both a blessing and a curse.

"Hi, how ya doin?"

"Hi, not bad, who's this?"

"It's Star. Whatcha doin'? I was wondering if I could come hang out for a while."

I was going to get laid! I had no idea who this woman was but I had the blues, and she was the one who was going to get me out of my blue mood.

"I have to give a ride to a friend, can you call me back in about half an hour?"


I knocked on Ralph's back door. Ralph was inside giving Charlie a hard time. Tami came out smiling, and got in the car. "Linda wanted me to ask you if you could buy some beer for Ralph. They have thirty packs of Miller at Shop & Save for ten bucks."

"Um, I can't, I'm meeting someone in half an hour."

She was quiet for a minute and started talking about the night I took Linda to D'Arcy's Pint. Why was this woman so intent on turning my blues into a full blown clinical depression? "There was no reason for Linda to tell me about your looking for dick and no reason for you to bring it up now. Don't you have any idea how it makes me feel? Don't you even care?"

"Everything makes you feel bad," she said. I lashed out. "I don't want to hear about your trolling the bars looking for dick, you worthless cunt. You talk bad about my hooker friends, at least when they go out whoring they get more than a fucking beer." We pulled up in front of the house, she got the things she wanted and walked home; like her walking home was hurting me or something. The stupid bitch.

I opened a beer, thought about the leftover pizza, and decided that the worthless fatassed cunt had ruined my appetite. I took the beer out on the porch, sat on the swing, and started drinking it. Before it was empty the phone rang again. It was Star. She wanted me to pick her up at a certain convenience store in the middle of town. "I'll be there in ten minutes" I said, drank the last drink of the beer, locked the house and left.

The phone rang - it was Charlie, asking if I could get beer for Ralph. Damn it, these women were NOT going to let me enjoy myself! "I'm sorry," I said, "But I'm on my way to pick up a young lady."

I heard her bitching to someone there before she hung up: "I guess pussy's more important than Ralph."

When I saw Star, I recognized her. She wasn't the madam I'd met a year earlier after all, but a young redhead I'd met in a bar a few months back. I'd been drinking with one of my hooker friends, I don't remember who (I'd been drunk), and had been introduced to her. The first thing she had done on meeting me was solicit.

"Honey," I had said, "You're gorgeous. But you're so young. I'd feel like a pedophile if I had sex with you!"

She reminded me of that. I probably blushed. "You don't look quite so young today," I said. "When I met you, you looked like a teenager!"

"Probably because I haven't slept for the last two days."

Jesus! The woman hadn't slept for two days, had no makeup on, and was still georgeous! She had no need for makeup, not even lipstick. She had the reddest lips I'd ever seen.

I kissed them. Half an hour later I discovered her breasts were just as beautiful; hers was only the second pair of pink nipples I'd ever seen.

When we were done I gave her an extra ten bucks along with the twenty I'd promised, slipping it into her pants pocket, and took her back to where I'd picked her up, making her promise to call me in a couple of days. As I was driving her back, Annie's boyfriend called again looking for her.

"Havn't seen her. Um, I'm with a young lady right now..."

"Oh, sorry, man..."

"That's OK, I'm on my way to take her home now." I stopped for a beer for Ralph on the way to take Star home. Linda was taking care of him by herself, Tami and Charlie had gone to the Blue Grouch and Linda was none too happy about it. I told her I couldn't stay, as I had a young lady in the car.

After I dropped Star off I went to Felber's with huge smile on my face. The place was pretty busy. I sat down next to Brenda, one of the regulars. Brenda's no beauty by any stretch of the imagination. If she was sitting next to the singer Tom Petty, you would probably think they were brother and sister, even twins.

She was having as bad a day as I'd had before my encounter with Star. "Where's your old man?" I asked.

"That goddamn cocksucker," she said. He'd slapped her the previous night.

She'd slapped him first. Women!

Men are taught as young boys that you don't hit a girl; but they should be taught that you don't hit anybody. And damn it, you parents ought to teach your young girls not to hit anybody, either.

Fifteen minutes later I had her laughing, out of her bad mood. Ten minutes after that the phone rang. It was Annie, and she needed a drink. Apparently Brenda wasn't the only one feuding with her old man.

"I'll be right back" I told Brenda, and bought her a beer.

I had a good time at the bar, and took Annie back where I'd picked her up after Brenda left. I went home to bed, still smiling.

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Star and Wars

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  • After work as I was getting ready to heat up some leftover pizza

    Why would you heat up pizza after you went to so much trouble to make it cold?

    And why do women always call when you're with another woman? Obviously this was long before I was married, but I had two different exes call me while I was in bed with another woman. Must be a 6th sense or something.

    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      Why would you heat up pizza after you went to so much trouble to make it cold?

      My head just asploded. I made it cold so it wouldn't spoil.

      And why do women always call when you're with another woman?

      I don't know, but it was even worse in this case; Amy called while I wis drinking with Brenda, and her boyfriend called when I was taking Star back. I think you're right; sixth sense.

  • by Gogo0 ( 877020 )
    Damn it, why won't the woman leave me alone? I'd asked her to stay away from me, to give me time to heal. No such luck.


    "Um, I can't, I'm meeting someone in half an hour."...She was quiet for a minute...Why was this woman so intent on turning my blues into a full blown clinical depression?..."Everything makes you feel bad," she said.

    the woman feeds off of your attention. she likes that you either swoon over her or feel like shit because of her. either way she dominates your emotions.
    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      You hit the nail square on the head. I just want to get away from her for a while, but NOOOOOO....

      I think she's a sociopath.

      • If she's a sociopath she could be one of these types:

        The Attention Seeking Sociopath aka ASS (Male): Displays his false mask and his haughty strut as he demands centre stage. He seeks envy, attention even our fear and hatred. He can never get enough. Fame or infamy are the same to him if he can acquire notoriety. Reacts disproportionately to situations. He boastfully displays his possessions to garner attention.

        Or maybe

        Frictional Sociopath (Male or Female): Puts people against each other. Victims may be used as their proxy interacting with others as they set victims up to take the fall while they enjoy watching the performance they orchestrates. They keep their allies and targets separate to avoid exposure. Verbally skilled at twisting peopleâ(TM)s words, this charmer usually gets their way. Applying 'fear' selling tactics, faking expertise, this scam artist crafts situations to appear indispensable, ready to solve our problems. Money and conning others are their objective. They will agree to anything then turn around and do the opposite. They will accuse you of breaking the contract. Legal, custody agreements and normal social or personal protocol mean nothing to them. They enjoy playing the role of the victim.

        In either case you should probably fight fire with fire and devote yourself to becoming either:

        The Unstable Psychopath (Male): This wife-beater, murderer, serial killer, stalker, rapist, fighter, harasser, terrorist has a 'chip-on-his-shoulder' attitude. His short fuse erupts into rages. He anticipates betrayal, humiliation or punishment. He imagines rejection and rejects first to 'get it over with'. He will harass to get your reaction and try to make you look out of control. He can become dangerous and unpredictable. He has no remorse, no conscience and no regard for the rights of others. This coward sadistically picks on the vulnerable, women, children and the elderly. He defies probation or the courts. He has bad judgment. He never learns his lesson and repeats past actions to his own detriment. The media loves stories about him.

        or preferably (for good journaling)

        The Sexual Predator Psychopath aka SPP (male or female): Pornography, hyper-sexuality, masturbation, incest are reported by his targets. Anyone, young, old, male/female are there for their gratification. This predator takes what is available. Can have a preference for 'sado-maso' sexuality. Easily bored, he demands increasingly deviant stimulation. The internet is a favourite hunting ground. However, another type exists, the one who withholds sex or affection.

        Or I guess you could ignore her/be apathetic towards her and hope she moves on. I think being a sexual predator will be easier and less stressful though...

        • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

          Frictional Sociopath

          That fits her to a T.

          Or I guess you could ignore her/be apathetic towards her and hope she moves on.

          That's more my style.

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