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Journal smooth wombat's Journal: NASA needs urine 1

I was really tempted to put this under the "It's Funny. Laugh." department but this is a serious subject if space travel is to become a reality.

Apparently, NASA sent a memo to its employees at the Johnson Space Center asking for their urine so they, NASA, could use it to test the Orion space capsule. How much urine? 30 liters per day, including weekends. Disposal of urine for up to six months would be required if Orion is to work as planned.

As a side note, what is up with not being able to add blank lines to comments or journals after the first paragraph/sentence when using HTML? I noticed this about two weeks ago. Note how the first paragraph doesn't have a line between it and the next paragraph. No matter what I do, I cannot get the extra line to appear.

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NASA needs urine

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  • I always do my blank lines with
    a pair of break tags
    which looked ok in my preview of this. I'll see what it's like in my next journal also.

That does not compute.