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Journal frozencesium's Journal: modding and such 1

ya know...i have mentioned it in my journals before, but i find myself getting moderator points MUCH more frequently as of late...not that i mind...hell, in the last 2 weeks i've had a total of 15 mod points to doll out. yet i STILL can't metamod...i'm confused.

oh's more fun to mod then meta mod anyway...

oh, and i have only modded 1 post down in all the time i've been moderating...i believe the guidlines...focus on modding up, not down...

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modding and such

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  • I think I have had modpoints about the whole last week. Of course I have two accounts, so it alternates. What really seems to help to get extra modpoint is to Metamoderate. Sometimes I don't metamod for ages and then I do it once, and *poof*, next timeslice I have modpoints. Yippie!
    Just try it yourself once in a while...

    I don't believe in modding down either. Usually, I just mod up when I think a post is good, or states something interesting. However on occasion I do moderate -1, Flamebait... especially when seeing foul language and people calling names for no good reason.
    Normally, there is even no favouritism: I seldom mod up people in my fan list (nor mod down my freaks). I do moderate in journals though.

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