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Journal keith_nt4's Journal: Vacation: Day 18

This is my journal entry for slashdot. Nont sure i'll ever figure out how to transfer to the computer for slashdot but here i am writing it. And with my new keyboard no less.

These last couple days i haven't done too much. Seems to be the same everyday. Try to a chapter i the game book, watch tv, eat dinner, play neocron til 2:30 or 3am, sleep, repeat. Not very exciting. Lately I have been talking to my friend through instant message chat though. So there's that. Still not very exciting.

So looks like war over hear. I always here what sounds like low flying helicopters and jets flying over head. I know something's in the works. President is still saying he's not considering war. But obviously he's only kidding about that. All the preperations are falling into place.

One thing that annoys me? War protesters. Actually I wrote about this already on day two but i pushed submit the wrong way so it didn't get posted. I have yet to hear a single logical argument against a war in iraq. A single one.

Or sure I've heard plenty of "evil, evil bush" and "IT's all for oil!!!". That isn't an argument though. Even i could come up with better than that. And I'm generally speaking a "hawk".

Some are afraid of a draft. Most of these are inelegible so i don't think they care that much. Care for family members i'm sure. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say there IS NOT currently a draft nor will there EVER BE a draft in the near future at least. It would be political suicide. Not going to happen.

Further more few of them have any credibility because very VERY very few of them spoke up during that bombing of Yugoslavia to ouste old what's-his-name, slobodan or whatever. No Hollywood psyho-path drug addicts, no berkley protesters, no body. Except the conservatives. So when somebody who really servers ousting is the target and these same people are all of a sudden all "bi-lateral" this and "use the UN" that. Why weren't they saying this during Yugoslavia?? Hypocrites! And that's one war that deserved protesters.

So apparently the rule goes if it's your party's president that starts the war don't protest, if it's the other party fight it tooth-and-nail? Hah!

It's the same thing with our beloved governor of california. He sells state policy the highest bidder, lets companies pollute the environment for the right amount of money, and STILL these people vote for him. California is the worste state in the whole country because of him and only him. And in 4 years will be much, much worse.

Ok tell me if this makes sense to you. The state is in massive debt. The state gets its income from taxes on corporations. The state passes more laws HOSTILE to business. How does ths RAISE revenue?!? If your main source of income are corporations how is chaising them out of the state going to help you?! Same thing for jobs. If unemployment is so high, and even the state government is down-sizing (when these people in charge of california's government start down-sizing it you KNOW we're in trouble) who else is going to hire beside business?? So why would you be HOSTILE to the very you're DEPENDING ON for revenue and to provide jobs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Is it just me or what? I mean I don't get it. If you lower taxes and regulations on business maybe more will come to california. You'll be getting less per company but you'll be getting revenue from more of them. So revenue will be up.

And I'm sorry eventually cigarette taxes aren't going to help you. Seems like exploitation of the smoker people anyway. Taking advantage of their addiction. All the smart ones will start buying from indian reservations and across state lines anyway. Good reason to quit though, your sales tax isn't going to fund such a currupt government as californias.

And now a new series formy joural...


Today's best site ever...

What makes this one so great? It has every possible utility for every possible tweak to your OS you can think of. But that's not the best part. The best part is all those tweaks you had no idea even existed. I mainly use the Windows part but I have noticed lately there's a linux section.

For example on the utilities there one that will turn normal DOS batch files into an EXE file. There's also one to make multiple EXEs into one EXE. Haven't quite figured out what I would use that for, but I had no idea it was possible before I found that site. And it's updated like everyday. So if you're the kind of person who actually uses MS Power Toys... You're incomplete without And even if you're not into MS power toys you're sure to find something of use.

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