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Journal Skraut's Journal: GO BUCKS!!!!!!

It's amazing how a little thing like the team you grew up cheering for winning the national title can change your whole day around.

Got up late, didn't feel well. Sat around didn't do much. Finally called Lois because she had called yesterday trying to get me to come over and fix her machine, but I had a fever. So I told her I'd be there at noon. Ran a couple errands then on my way up to Lois' house I got pulled over for going 55 in a 55 zone. I was being passed at the time, the highway patrolman did a u-turn, and as he did the guy who was passing me and going much faster, turned left and off the road. I was stuck the only one on the road and the highway patrolman pulled me over. He told me right away he was only going to give me a warning and was really polite as he ran my license and registration. He said since the road was wet and that the temp was 29 degrees I needed to be driving more cautiously and be on the lookout for black ice, and sent me on my way.

I made it to Lois' only there was no response to the doorbell. I preceded to Gretchen's work and called Lois. Since I had been made late by the highway patrolman she fell asleep waiting for me. I then went back to her house and spent 2 hours with the wonderful joy of making AOL work. I always knew it sucked, but after all the problems she's had with it I've achieved a new appreciation for it's immense suckiness

On the way home realized I had lost my perscription for my meds. After 20 minutes in the parking lot I realized I had put it in the glovebox along with my registration when I got my warning. I finally got my meds and went home. Today realy realy sucked until the game.

I haven't watched many OSU games this year. Growing up I used to listen to them every Saturday when we were building our house, but I've been too busy lately trying to just make money. It was great to take the night off. And though there were some questionable calls going both ways I'm glad it ended the way it did, though if it had ended sooner I may have had some more fingernails left to type this with.

Well gotta hit the sack, got a day off of gaming tomorrow and Sunday. Looking forward to the break.

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GO BUCKS!!!!!!

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