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Journal keneng's Journal: CN Golden Shield latest observations

I found an interesting "behaviour" with China's Golden Shield. I currently reside in Changchun, China. I like to read the latest news from Canada on a daily basis along with my regular perusal of Slashdot of course.

Problem: When go to both Google Canada's News Page:
then dig down to see the details for a particular article for example "Rapid permafrost thaw expected, researchers warn":
The default behaviour in the firefox browser is that the throttling happens zealously and it takes more that a minute to see anything.
I just wasted 2 minutes if not more to see these above 2 URL's.

The girlfriend loves to watch flash tv movies off the net. I'm not a big fan of this, but please read on because it is relevant.
While she was playing the flash from this url:
I was monitoring the bandwidth performance and she was getting a fluctuating 600KBytes/second to 800KBytes/second. This was jaw-dropping for me because I never get this when I access google news and slashdot.
My observation was that the Golden Shield handles certain domestic sites exceptionally and provides them with a pass-through throttle-less bandwidth.

The interesting behaviour is when I play the domestic Chinese flash while simultaneously accessing slashdot or article details, the slashdot/google page downloads become less throttled :)

It seems the upload bandwidth is still throttled no matter what I try while accessing the Chinese flash, but at least I don't have to wait for my slashdot as much wtih this latest little discovery :)

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CN Golden Shield latest observations

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