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Journal keneng's Journal: advertised ISP upload/download speeds N/A w/CN Golden Shield

At Jilin Telecom, they are currently have
advertised download speed: 4Mbps
advertised upload speed: 800kbps
as a subscriber, I am aware the true speed for this when I use is:
China's golden shield download speed is 233kbps
China's golden shield upload speed is 168kbps

They currently have a new offering:
10mbps download speed
900kb-1.28mbps upload speed

When we called, we asked them a few curve ball questions:
what's the golden shield download speed?
what's the golden shield upload speed?
They said it will still be about 233kbps and 168kbps because
they are currently working on this problem.

I ask the slashdot community would you call this a case of false advertising?

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advertised ISP upload/download speeds N/A w/CN Golden Shield

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