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Journal OMNIpotusCOM's Journal: Mods

I've decided that instead of trying to fight the good fight and speak out about horrible mods, I'm going to actually become a target for them, thereby showing what horrible mods really are. The idea is that if I post enough really bad, obviously trolling posts, and continue to maintain my excellent karma and +2 on every post rating, then you will be able to see my posts and how they all get varying ratings. See, if it's obviously trolling, it should get 100% troll and be banished to the bottom of the page, but since that never happens, maybe someone will look at the posts and say, "Hey, wait a minute... this guy here has 1 troll mod, 1 off-topic mod, 1 overrated mod, and 3 funny mods. Maybe the system is imbalanced."

Either way I'm just entertaining myself, which is all most people are doing when they comment on Slashdot stories =). Not only that but I've also submitted enough stories that have been accepted to the front page that I don't think I'll EVER lose my excellent karma, regardless of how many troll/off-topic/redundant/flamebait/overrated mods I get. That's kinda sad really... I'm breaking the mod system in two ways =)
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