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Journal Rachel Lucid's Journal: Autistic Child Forced Out of Kindergarten By "Popular Vote"

Just when you thought Florida could be trusted to elect ANYTHING again, a Kindergarten Teacher in Port St. Lucie has had a 5-year old child in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome voted out of the class after ordering every other student to tell the boy what they hate about him while he stood up at the front of the class. Since the vote, the child has not returned to the school, constantly intoning "I'm not special", as well as screaming at any mention of the school itself, leading his mother to consider legal action. Meanwhile, the state attorney claims the incident does not meet the criteria for "emotional child abuse", while the school district refuses to elaborate on its investigation. Regardless of whatever condition the boy has, this is about as low as teachers get.
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Autistic Child Forced Out of Kindergarten By "Popular Vote"

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