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Troll or insensitive clod?

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  • The guy (guy?) makes fair points for those with an unlimited budget. Looking at some other posts he's made, it seems like he likes to play Devil's Advocate; that he'd rather prod folks into defending their position than defending his own. Kinda trollish, sure, but not full blown troll. Yeah, he's looking for people to bite, but in on-topic ways.

    Unless we're talking about bringing up the KKK in an NAACP forum, or something equally volatile, I don't have a problem with folks trying to get a conversation started. I don't think provokers are always trolls. I'd rather read debates than "me too"s. Just my opinion.
    • The thing that really set me off was the "I just got a new powerbook...santa's been good to me this year" thing. It wasn't that he was playing devil's advocate it's that he was...relishing it.

      • So he whines about the monitor being "bolted" to a FP iMac, and then gushes about having a G4 powerbook? Which also has the monitor "bolted" on? Verdict: Troll.

        Yeah, I can't afford a 23" Cinema either, but I can't even if I save up the money, because I can't justify plunking that much cash on a monitor, period. I've basically sworn off from CRT monitors beyond what I already have, for weight, bulk, and hazmat reasons. Only one of my monitors was bought new (as part of my first computer with VGA), one secondhand, and the rest at thrift stores. My best thrift store monitor ($15, 17") is on a KVM switch. I can't even really justify a piddling 15" LCD monitor because what I have is good enough. When one of my good ones dies, or I get more machines with DVI ports, then I'll consider an LCD monitor.

        The reason I got a tower last year had nothing to do with monitors, but because my previous tower is a Power Computing box (it shipped with MacOS 8.0), sufficiently upgraded such that it is now happily running 10.2.3. It was just a little too slow compared to my G3 500 Powerbook.

        The other reason was being able to stick a couple of hard drives inside, RAID 'em, and fill them with anime AVI files that I play on a Winderz box in the living room. Mmmm... drive bays. Mmmm... back-end memory bandwidth. Mmm... gigabit Ethernet. Oh yeah, and the Superdrive. Which encouraged me to recently get a Pioneer A05 (4X DVD burner) and a Firewire case so I could burn DVDs from my laptop. I can put a whole freaking season of an anime show on a single DVD-R, compared to 6-8 tapes or DVDs.

        But then I've been nuts for computers since 1978 or so back when I was a kid. That Level II 16K TRS-80 was pretty l33t back then, long before the word 'l33t' ever existed. Even back then I recognized the "ultimate toy" potential of computers.

  • this guy [] did. What a moron.
  • ... metamod leads to some really funny conversations. You really let that guy+ACs get under your skin, but don't listen to 'em! When I was in school I used to do the same thing (read as: spend a lot of money I didn't have on computer stuff), and I'm still alive (and out of debt! Whee!). Your fiscal responsiblity is your business, not theirs. As far as the original statement, I have to admit the "built in" monitor put me off for the same reason (non-upgradable), but now it doesn't bother me.

    Of course now that I'm older, I want a Mac (iMac, G4, whatever) and can't bring myself to go back into debt to buy one. Ah, I miss my youth.

    For the record: Baucom [] has cheap as dirt Macs. Hope that doesn't make you cry. :)

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