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Journal keneng's Journal: Earthquakes, Solar Flares and Migraines are related IMHO

As you may be aware, there was an earthquake in Sichuan, China. I am in China FYI. In my past, I rarely have had headaches and I have never gotten a migraine before this. A week before the earthquake I got a fluctating migraine lasting the entire week for the first time in my life. I thought I was getting brain cancer or something. My migraine finally stopped. A few hours later I heard there was an earthquake in Sichuan.

The next day there were reports of Aurora Borealis lights just above the epicentre of the Sichuan Earthquake.

I must admit spicy beef noodle soup somehow alleviated the migraine, but only
for a while. I'm completely recovered now but last week was scary for
me let me tell you.

As luck would have it I googled "earthquake solar flare migraine" and found scientific research linking seismicity, solar flares and migraines.

On the relation between solar activity and seismicity
Gousheva, M.N.; Georgieva, K.Y.; Kirov, B.B.; Antanasov, D.
Recent Advances in Space Technologies, 2003. RAST apos;03. International
Conference on. Proceedings of
Volume , Issue , 20-22 Nov. 2003 Page(s): 236 - 240
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/RAST.2003.1303913
Summary: Much attention is recently paid to the role of extraterrestrial
factors in terrestrial seismicity, and to the possibility to assess the
seismic risk. Seven centuries of records of ancient earthquakes in the
Mediterranean region show that the century-scale variations in the
number of strong earthquakes closely follow the secular cycle of solar
activity. Two well expressed maxima in the global yearly number of
earthquakes are seen in the 11-year sunspot cycle - one coinciding with
sunspot maximum, and the other on the descending phase of solar
activity. A day to day study of the number of earthquakes worldwide
reveals that the arrival to the Earth of high speed solar streams is
related to significantly greater probability of earthquake occurrence.
The possible mechanism includes deposition of solar wind energy into the
polar ionosphere where it drives ionospheric convection and auroral
electrojets, generating in turn atmospheric gravity waves that interact
with neutral winds and deposit their momentum in the neutral atmosphere,
increasing the transfer of air masses and disturbing of the pressure
balance on tectonic plates. The main sources of high speed solar streams
are the solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which have a maximum in the
sunspot maximum, and the coronal holes with a maximum on the descending
phase of solar activity. Both coronal holes and CMEs are monitored by
satellite-borne and ground-based instruments, which makes it possible to
predict periods of enhanced seismic risk. The geoeffectiveness of solar
wind from a coronal hole only depends on the position of the hole
relative to the Earth, and for the CMEs an additional factor is their
speed. It has been recently found that a useful tool in identifying the
population of geoeffective CMEs is the detection of long-wavelength
(decameter-hectometer) type II solar radio bursts, as the CMEs
associated with them are much faster and wider than average.

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Earthquakes, Solar Flares and Migraines are related IMHO

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