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Journal ThePhilips's Journal: Are Linux File Systems poor performers? 2

Found fancy article which is lambasting Linux File Systems as being unsuitable for servers and big loads. It is even hard to debunk article which starts like:

And what was Linux's initial target market? A Microsoft desktop replacement, of course.

and then goes into some theoretical technical problems - theoretical because no real world task is given as an example of what is affected by the problems. Since article is presented as being written by "industry consultant with 27 years experience in high-performance computing and storage" and contains unproven load of facts, it is pretty hard to swallow. Especially after many I/O intensive tasks I have accomplished on Linux. What will be /. judgment of the article?

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Are Linux File Systems poor performers?

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  • That's some classic FUD - I imagine if it were on the front page 3 things would happen. A lot of people would respond angrily to all the idiotic, anti-OSS statements that have no bearing on the issue at all and are often incorrect. People who are experts in storage (or consider themselves to be) would deal with the scant technical information. And the last result is this guy would generate a lot of page views for internetNews. Which I'm guessing is the primary objective. It doesn't make a lot of sense

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