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15 moderator points???

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  • 15 mod points, and still only three days to use them. 5 was tricky... I find few posts worthy of up or down modding. When I got 10 it started making modding a chore, rather than "helping out". And now Sunday evening, I got 15, too. I've used exactly two and only have a day to go.

    I think I will only use three more and let the other ten fall away. If they go to 20, I think I'm going to turn off willing to moderate.

    • by jdavidb ( 449077 ) *

      Why don't you just use five every time you get them, and let the rest expire? Pretend you only got five.

      I usually don't moderate anymore. I get points fairly regularly. Sometimes I use them if I feel like it.

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