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Journal Skraut's Journal: Tales from New Years Eve Eve

Well yesterday was just crazy.

First of all forgive the typos in this I'm writing it on my parents system

I started off by sabotaging my diet. Ate a bunch of food at 4:00am then later in the morning dropped Gretchen off at work an on the way home at Burger King and literally ate for two. I wasn't that hungry, but I think it may have something to do with my natural tendancies to sabotage my sucess.

I went home and pretty much slacked off, didn't really have the motivation to do much of anything. Had a list of about 10 things I wanted to do, and only had one done by noon when Gretchen called. She was a bit worried that we were doing the right thing by her leaving her job. That was all I needed for motivation. A half hour later I had everything on the list done.

Spent the rest of the day trying to install DOS and Windows 3.11 on an OLD OLD Gateway 2000 laptop that Shawn bought at a computer recyclelry and gave to me. It's funny walking around with a machine that says "Property of the IRS" on it. I did manage to get dos on it, but apparently the boot sector of the hard drive is damaged and it will not boot without a disk. (This is the reason Shawn couldn't get linux on it and gave it to me) I got Windows on it but had trouble getting acrobat reader on it as I just want to use the machine as an ebook reader. I'll have to hook up the null modem cable and kermit or xmodem reader over to it. Man that'll bring back memories of my BBS days.

Saw Dr. H who helped me understand quite a bit and is cutting my meds back a bit. We'll see what happens

Went to the flats and to the Rock Bottom Brewery. Had a great meal but ate too much (again) came back to my parents house and had a long talk with them. A kind of deep talk I have never really had with them. Was tough, as I'm not used to opening up to anyone. When it was over and they went to bed I felt like I needed something "comfortable" to do, so I pulled out a book on Java and started reading.

That's it for now, Have a happy new year

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Tales from New Years Eve Eve

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