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Journal isorox's Journal: Long lengthly rant about Xmas traveling 3

WARNING: Long and lengthly rant for the sole benefit of me:

Ryanair Probably^WDefinatly the worst airline in the world. Ever. Of course, December is a bad time to travel on public transport anyway.

Let me start at the begining.

The plan: Meet parents at gatwick airport, drive down with them through france/germany/austria to Venice, get the boat to Igominitsa, Greece.

Thursday 12th December, 03:30
Rise and shine after 3 hours sleep. Wash and grab my rucksack. I had over an hour to do a 40 minute walk, no problem. Set off.

Thursday 12th December, 04:10 Realise I forgot the car registration document my parent needed. Run back with a 25kg pack on my back.

Thursday 12th December, 04:25 Book taxi as I get registration document

Thursday 12th December, 04:35 Get in taxi, screech off at ludicrus speed.

Thursday 12th December, 04:42 Arrive at coach, jump on board, plenty of time spare!

Thursday 12th December, 08:00 Arrive at Heathrow Airport, get breakfast

Thursday 12th December, 08:50 Depart Heathrow on coach to gatwick.

Thursday 12th December, 09:20 Realise I need a passport!

Thursday 12th December, 10:20 Arrive Gatwick

Thursday 12th December, 10:40 Meet parents, give them the car registration document

Thursday 12th December, 11:20 Get train back to Exeter

Thursday 12th December, 12:00 Sit at Clapham Junction for 45 minutes

Clapham Junction is the worst station I've ever been to. Cant leave the station as I only have a through ticket. One (overpriced) shop with questionable hygine, toilet costs money! 20 fscking pence to use the bog! No wonder the stairs smelt that way!

Thursday 12th December, 12:45 Escape on train to Exeter

Thursday 12th December, 16:30 Get to Exeter

Thursday 12th December, 16:45 pop into bank, attempt to extend overdraft, however my branch (Altrincham) is engaged, so I have to "come back tommorrow"

Thursday 12th December, 17:30 AM, arrive back home after a wasted day and £80.

Friday 13th December, 10:00 AM. Wake up late, get passport, run down to bus station.

Friday 13th December, 10:45 AM. Get bus to Heathrow (Deja-vu?). Very busy as all the students are going home!

Friday 13th December, 15:00 Get to heathrow

Friday 13th December, 15:40 Leave Heathrow, en-route to stanstead for 18:50 flight (bus due in at 17:20, leaving an hour before checkin closes)

Friday 13th December, 17:30 Driver phones up company, overhear him say we are 2 hours behind schedule. Itallian girl next to me in tears about missing the flight.

Friday 13th December, 18:50 Finally arrive at stanstead. Find Ryanair Customer "Service" Rep. Tells me that the flight's closed, its your fault, go wait in that massive line.

Fair enough, it is my fault, however she was unbelievable rude, especialy to said girl who was still almost in tears.

Friday 13th December, 19:20 While waiting for the ticket desk, avoid tabloid reporters doing an article on how bad Ryanair is.

Friday 13th December, 19:25 Arrive at front of queue. Ask about options (which I know from phone calls home on the bus). Next Forli flight would cost me £50, and was exactly 24 hours later. Flight to "Venice" would be £30, however no chance to meet parents (who are en-route to "Bologna" Forli). Decide to pay £112 for flight to ancona. While deciding, word comes round that the Forli flight was canceled, and was heading back to the gate (bad fog).

Customer Service offer me next nights flight for no charge, but wont transfer the £50 ticket to the morning Ancona flight. Stay with ancona.

Friday 13th December, 20:25 Get word from home that parents have managed to contact my girlfriend, and found out I'm on the morning ancona flight. (Their mobile was dead)

Saturday 14th December, 02:30 still playing Civ 2 on laptop camped on floor of stanstead airport. Havent had any word from Ryanair, no apology to other Forli travellers that are still at the airport, no offer of food/accomodation vouchers.

Saturday 14th December, 05:30 Check-in opens. At least my baggage wasnt over the pathetic 15kg (33lb) limit.

Saturday 14th December, 07:50 Plane leaves 20 minutes late, a 90mph tailwind gets us to Italy on time.

Saturday 14th December, 10:50 CET (Italy time). Arrive at Ancona. Amazingly my bag made it this time (unlike summer).

Saturday 14th December, 11:20 Clear security with only a brief glance in my hand luggage (noone asking if I had any "drax" this time)

Saturday 14th December, 11:25 Meet parents, leave for boat

Saturday 14th December, 12:00 Get on boat. Hurrah.

Sunday 15th December, 05:30 EET (greek time) Arrive in greece

Sunday 15th December, 08:00 Arrive in Fterno

Sunday 15th December, 08:30 Did I mention taking the cat over? I dont think I did. Cat escape from house, gets lost on hillside.

Monday 15th December, 05:30 Alarm on mobile goes off, wake up, throw mobile across room. Hear meowing. The cat is back (we thought he'd gone for good)

What a journey. Now Ryanair, aside from Rudeness, not allowing to transfer flights after they canceled it, and not offering even a cup of tea in compensation, didnt do anything wrong. However this was the second time I've traveled with them. The first time (July) they lost my bag, refused to deliver it to my destination (or nearby airport), and wouldnt offer any compensation. Eventually they managed to get it to greece, however by then I was driving back through Italy. Eventually picked it up at Venice Marco-Polo 3 weeks late. No compensation at all.

Now of course I'm going back. Heres the plan

Monday 30th December, 05:30 EET (greek time) Wakey Wakey

Monday 30th December, 06:00 Leave Fterno

Monday 30th December, 08:30 Arrive ignominitsa

Monday 30th December, 10:00 Boat leaves igominitsa for Venice

Tuesday 31st December, 06:30 CET (Italy time) Arrive Venice

Tuesday 31st December, Morning, walk arround Venice in "Heavey rain"

Tuesday 31st December, 14:00 Leave for Marco Polo Airport

Tuesday 31st December, 14:30 Arrive Marco Polo, check in

Tuesday 31st December, 16:30 Plane Leaves for Bristol

Tuesday 31st December, 17:25 GMT (UK time) Arrive Bristol

Tuesday 31st December, 18:30 Cleared Customs, get transfer to train station

Tuesday 31st December, 19:15 Arrive Bristol Temple Meads

Tuesday 31st December, 19:50 Leave Bristol on train

Tuesday 31st December, 20:48 Arrive Exeter St Davids

Tuesday 31st December, 21:30 Get home. Celebrate new year with girlfriend

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Long lengthly rant about Xmas traveling

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