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Journal keith_nt4's Journal: Day, uhh, Dec 24th - 28th (day 12)

Originally I had planned on practicing my writing by keeping a journal every night. But I kept messing up on the submit portion of the idea and then christmas hit so I haven't been keeping up. So I'm going to start again by summarizing the days I missed.

This won't be hard because my life is rather boring. Christmas eve I worked on my router all day. Very exciting, I realize. Christmas I drove down to be with my mom's family in the san francisco bay area. My mom's mom was there. She's deteriorating quite rapidly. Looks like this will be grandma's last christmas.

I won't be summarizing what I got for christmas because I can hardly believe it and I don't think I am worthy of such gifts. I am very very grateful for all that I got, I just feel I am unworthy of so many.

Thursday I came back from the bay area. When i got home I decided to go spend a gift certificate I got at a local computer store (Fry's, it's a west coast operation). I saw an 80 gig hard drive for $100, which in itself is quite good, and it even came with a $50 rebate, which is even better. So that would be 160 gigs for only $100. There were also selling a 200 gig for more than $300 so I'd say it was a quite good price. Unfortunately I could only buy one both because it would $200 at the register and it was a one-per-customer offer and it was too late to beg someone to drive down there and but a second one for me (it was late). 80 gigs should more than suffice though anyway. Besides if I add that to my existing 30 gig drive that's already more than 100 gigs.

And today I went to buy a new TV for my dad. A 19 inch for only $90. He seemed happy. And of course I bought more stuff. Just a wimpy $40 UPS (battery backup) and a "cd-rom emulator". Finally, no more searching forever in vain for that one CD. And no, I don't pirate.

Now I'd like to describe some of my favorite popular culture in a segment I like to call...


One of my favorite popular shows is the simpsons. This show never ceases to amaze me. How many shows can you say "i've been watching this since I was in 5th grade". I mean this show not only has running in-jokes for the long-time fans but new in-jokes that are backward compatible with the old ones! If you know the show well enough, there's a simpson quote for every situation in your life. And cleverness of it is so amazing. Even something as simple as one man saying "hey you lets fight!" and as a replay a second man saying "them's fighten words!". Or Homer's "ixnay on the..", er, pig-lanten for "ash tray". Amazing they can get away with that. Or even Lisa's response to bart when bart says "her hair smells like fruit loops" to which Lisa replies "I eat froot loops for *breakfast*". And the famous one-liners and moments just shy of the cut to commercial. And finally if you don't watch that show much or at all possibly the best episode ever made, or in the top 5 anyway, is the one where the family gets hired by what turns out to be a james bond super-villian that homer some how aids in this villian killing james bond and seizing the east coast. It was quite a great episode.

As for video games there is one quite lost and long-forgotten-by-most game called fallout. It is very ver much like a movie. But lone enough it could be a novel. Extremely fun, addictive, and humorous at times. I like the pure non-linear form it took. You can be physically weak but very carismatic in succeeding through the game, or you can be very strong but not very intelligent and just brute-force your way through. You can also be a villian. Go around killing vendors and have people run at the mere site of you. Or a hero of course. It's pretty old. Only a Pentium 90 and windows 95 are required (not dos, thank god). Also it's one-player-only. It has quite the cult following and still man many fan sites and fan fiction.

Lastly, for tonight anyway, is this wierd show I some how found one night called cowboy bebop. This is actually close to being my new favorite show. It's a japanese animated series on the cartoon network at midnight. Some how there's really something about this show. I'm not sure what it is.

This is all for tonight. And it's only 2am (horrah). Hopefully this is the start of many more to come.

Someday your prints will come. -- Kodak